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>軟裝設計打破風格邊界,去風格化的設計美學 | 元禾大千軟裝設計打破風格邊界,去風格化的設計美學 | 元禾大千




  Keep self aesthetic









  Soft outfit design breaks the style boundary, finds itself in the contemporary aesthetic design that goes stylized, mixes and matches to create a personal residence based on “I”, endozes the space with exquisite and personalized sensory experience.




  打破風格邊界 · 留存自我底色

  Break the border style · keep self impression



  Bright, contracted, clean is the basic expectation to the home, the keynote that has vacationing feeling and French amorous feelings stimulates design inspiration. Just as we can appreciate the broad freedom when we appreciate art, we hope to break the style boundary through soft decoration design, bring a boundless and diversified atmosphere, and reshape the spiritual core of life with open visual language.









  日子很長 · 先別急著匆匆忙忙

  Time is very long · don’t rush in a hurry




  Home is a fresh space, with the living rhythm of the people in it, sometimes is full and agile, sometimes can be concise restraint.


  To create the environment of precipitation of a place body and mind outside the city hustle and bustle, stylist separates guest dining-room function in an all-round way with simple furniture, generous and wide pattern makes the atmosphere that occupies the home more intimate, the light is interworking, style also has no boundary, the interactive communication between input family anytime and anywhere.










  Back to the way of life



  We store and accumulate at home, organize bookshelves, quietly read, or play a record to replenish ourselves and enrich our spirit. Behind these pragmatism, it reflects the aesthetic taste of modern people, and it is also the scene description of these dribs and dribs, depicting the profound narrative plot of life.






  The overall tone of the children’s room is comfortable and mild, and the planet blue and romantic powder highlight different personalities. Boy room is a theme in order to explore cosmic art, girl room is full of innocent artistic style, anacreontic and lively interesting sense is in the space for it.









  度假向上 · 既近且遠

  Holiday upward, both near and far



  If you can’t afford a vacation across the ocean or mountains, make your home look lazy. Body up to wake up another new home mode, both close to life and far from the present.



  The shade of the trees is whirling, cool and quiet, and the appeal of vacation permeates the fabric texture from the spatial details.


  The creamy furniture is matched with the coarse texture of the bed, the collision of white and black, the regular and irregular laying out, the seemingly understatement of artistic strokes, effectively dissolve the boundary between nature and the city, enrich the sense of hierarchy of staycation experience.





平面布置圖/Floor plan



  Full name of the project: Road Jin Yu He Courtyard stacked model room


  Project address: Beijing


  Soft outfit design: Yuanhe Daqian


  Hardwear design: Shanghai Furman Interior Design Consulting Co., LTD


  Design time: 2021.01


  Completion time: 2021.05

  空間面積:170 ㎡

  Space area: 170 ㎡


  Party A: Beijing Junxing Real Estate Development Co., LTD


  Special support: Liu Ming, Shi Qiushi, Zhao Yindi


  Camera crew: Cold Wind.