why Rudy Giuliani withdrew their endorsement in Michigan?

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In Wayne County, Michigan, Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, on Thursday morning withdrew a lawsuit to certify the results after two Republican members of the County’s ticketing commission withdrew their endorsement because the County had “stopped certifying” and met the trump campaign’s goals.

Why is stopping certification an expected goal of the Trump team? Because the race in Michigan is so flawed, the results are now unfair to either party.

For Trump, Michigan’s suspension has two implications.

First, the state’s electoral votes do not go to either party, and Mr Biden would have less than 270 if Michigan had stopped certifying it, at a time when he has repeatedly claimed to have reached 270. That’s good for Trump.

Second, when neither side reaches 270 votes, the election will be left to Congress to decide, as required by U.S. law and as part of Trump’s purported strategy.